Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is "Buidling the Foundation in 100 days"?

What is "Building the Foundation in 100 days" 百日筑基? And how to do it? Practitioners who are familiar with Taoist meditation/Neidan (or probably just Chinese internal martial arts) are likely to have heard of this concept, but not all having anything more than a superficial understanding. So what is it all about?

Taoist mediation is called Neidan (内丹). As its Chinese name literally says: the art of Internal Pill. A pill is, again literally speaking, is a tiny spherical object that is supposed to have some healing or magical power. Indeed it is what Neidan is all about: the Pill. And the whole process of Neidan is to build up a stronger and stronger "pill" (later when it gets stronger (and bigger), it is called embryo). It all starts with something smaller, in short, a seed Pill.

And the objective of "Building the Foundation" is to create the seed Pill, nothing more, nothing less. And what is this seed Pill? It is a concentrated chi-energy (felt like a Pill to the practitioner). The distinctiveness of this seed Pill is that once it is created, it will ALWAYS be there! Sometimes it is nowhere to be found inside one's body. During meditative state, and/or during one's awakened and relaxed state, it will (sometimes) appear! And it will move inside one's body, though it will prefer to move along chi-channels WITH proper guidance!

This Seed Pill can also grow in strength, with proper cultivation. But as with all goodies, if this Seed Pill is not managed properly, it can cause chi-kung (or kundalini) syndrome. If managed properly, it can jump-start a person's practice in Taoist meditation and internal martial art.

In classic Taoist meditation, this Seed Pill is created through microcosmic circulation (小周天). And as all classic texts say, it will take 100 days to accomplish the task of creating the Seed Pill (for an average practitioner). My experience is that those with stronger inherent chi (i.e. healthier, able to focus/concentrate easily... etc) can achieve it in less time.

Is it the only way to do chi-kung? The answer is a definite no. But my experience is that it is a very efficient and effective way. One caveat: once activated (through microcosmic circulation or otherwise), a Seed Pill won't disappear easily.  It's a commitment and a life-style change.

Building the Foundation in 100 days


  1. I understand that the Wudang Taichi (aka Practical Taichi) school as taught by Doherty has a secret 100 day neigong system taught only to disciples. The outcome is supposed to be something like what you describe.

  2. Very likely, I would speculate thus. Truly achieving the 100 day foundation is actually a true accomplishment of the microcosmic circulation which is actually a foundation practice to Neidan. My view is that the most important consideration is that the Seed Pill won't easily go away, with its positive and (possible) negative consequence. With this perspective in mind, teaching only to disciples is, in my view, a legitimate and understandable "precaution" (assuming that the teacher has this view in mind in the first place).

  3. So ... be careful of what you ask for?

  4. I would put it this way, understand what you're seeking. But then everything worth seeking has it possible side-effect, one can die from running the marathon, and can get brain-damage from competitive sports like boxing or American football. There is always a safer option, like fitness walking!

  5. I understand the neigong practiced by the Wudang Taichi school is the 24-Tai Chi Neigong, and the 100 days is for the Yin portion of the neigong. It is meant to build up your structure and chi. The Yang portion is supposed to train your power. But I could be wrong.

  6. The original phrase is exactly as what I have presented here.It is part of traditional Taoist lingo.Having said that nobody will forbid anybody to use the phrase with different meanings and in different ways. Afterall "100 days" enjoys no copyright...:):)


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