For the modern man, lifestyle means picking up certain interests and practices.  To experience Tao (悟道), apart from chi related practice, one can consider the following:
  1. Music: Since Tao is direct experience, it is best to learn to play a Chinese musical instrument.  vertical bamboo flute 洞簫  or bamboo flute 笛子, because the skill used is similar to chi-kung breathing, is a good chose.  For some good listening, try this piece first:  姑苏行, for those who like strings, try this Er-hu 二胡 piece: 二泉映月.
  3. Calligraphy:  Learning Chinese (or Japanese) calligraphy is also a great way to experience Tao, besides Chinese calligraphy also requires a practitioner to focus his attention on  his third eye (between the eyebrows).  Do you like the Dao 道 calligraphic character in this blog?
  5. Poem and prose: Writing poetic lines either in the form of poem or prose is a great way to create an experience of Tao.  Since Tao exists in all things and in nothing, choice of topic is quite irrelevant, and it does not have to be in any particular language too.

    Do you like this romantic lines from a Tang Dynasty poem?

    在天願作比翼鳥. 在地願為連理枝

    That we wish to fly in heaven, two birds with the wings of one, and to grow together on earth, branches of two trees as one.

    Please click here to read my selected poetic pieces inspired by Zen and Tao.

  6. Reading classic texts:  Reading classics can enhance one's intellectual and experiential understanding of Tao.  The two most important texts I recommend are Tao Te Ching (道德經) and Diamond Sutra (金剛經).  Interested readers can click here to go to the Classics page for details.

  7. Visit to nature:  Chances are that one can find more harmony in nature than in human societies.  Can be anywhere.  Unfortunately China nowadays are too crowded with people, in particular famous Taoist temples where loads of people go there on holidays.  There are still some places in China where tranquility is still kept,  for example Anji County (安吉縣), near Hangzhou.  This is the place where Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed. And the vegetarian food there is superb too! It is here, don't miss!

Anji - 安吉
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