Monday, July 27, 2015

Training notes to students

The following is one of my training notes to students.

"Practice focus for the month:

1. Try to incorporate your practice into your daily life, like doing Zhang Zhuang while watching (boring) TV, or focus on your stretched hands and wrists while traveling on, say, subway.

2. Our practice is about healing and fitness. Try to identify healing areas (physical only for the time being) you want to tackle. Having identified such areas, focus on those exercises that you find more relevant.

3. Focus on building stronger chi (or chi sensation) through focusing either more on meditative mind or more on joint opening. Both focuses are needed, but at your stage of development, you will progress faster this way."

Paul's comment: practice of the internal art is a self-discovery and development process, at different stages, a student shall focus on different things. My advice to students: always focus on your own internal sensation. Follow your teacher's advice to the extent that such advice fits into your own development at a particular point of your progress. This is especially important nowadays because, for variously reasons, financial included, most students learn in a group setting. Needless to say, the sensitivity of a teacher to the progress of EACH individual student is also very important.

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