Monday, November 29, 2010

Can you cure my back pain in one coaching session?

What ambitious objective! Perhaps not. Doesn’t a medical doctor prescribe you a strong pill and off-it-goes your back pain? Just forget for the time being that it cures your immediate pain and inflammation rather than doing a permanent change.

I have been teaching the chi-kung stuff for a number of years now. Not being a full time healer, I can’t afford the time to give people too many sessions, and there are many who simply don't have the opportunity to get more than one single lesson! Consequently, I have come up with a system can give adequate foundation practice to cure back pain through only one training session of not more than an hour. Of course, for the majority of the cases, diligent follow-up practice will be required. My theory is that once I can (I mean if I can, or, to generalize the case, if any healer can) help my student to be able to generate chi by himself through standing mediation through this training session, I achieve my objective, and the student can follow through with self-practice thereafter.

My substantive teaching here is the Ch-Generation section as per my suggested training guideline. The sections are spelled out again below:

1  Hand-technique
2  Standing and sitting technique
3  Mental condition
4  Daily facilitative practice

I am successful most of the time (well, with or without follow-practice is outside the responsible of a responsible coach!). There are two interesting cases I would like to share with you.

Case one is an Australian businessman; he came to visit me on some business a few years ago, in a rather bad mood. He told me that he has this excruciating pain at his back, and he nearly had to ask for a wheelchair to carry him to Immigration after he left the plane. He told me this was his first back pain. He agreed to have me coach him on Zhan Zhuang immediately – right in the middle of everything, in a public place! The session took about 15 minutes, he felt some immediate relief, and after another hour when he sat down for more rest, he told me that he felt some force that seemed to have the ability to clear the cramp that caused his pain. He was very delighted. He later wrote to me telling me that he didn’t carry out further self-practice after going back to Australia, because his back pain didn’t come back again. And that was three years ago.

Another case concerns a husband and wife chef-team from a Chinese restaurant in UK. In a gathering, I saw them having visible structural alignment problem in particular with their shoulder joints and hip-joints. I talked to them and realized that they had for decades as professional chefs labored their right hand and arm to handle the heavy Chinese wok. They told me that in addition to back pain, they also have “all kinds of aches here and there”. I gave them a 30 minutes training session and they had slight perspiration, chi being activated (my experience has been that Chinese, perhaps due to cultural background, can understand chi and can feel chi being generated easier than westerners), and they experienced a general enlightened feeling. They promised me that would continue to practice the exercise after they went back to UK. I didn’t hear from them for quite a while, then about a year later; in another gathering of related people, an old gentleman from UK came to me and say thank you to me. I was perplexed. He explained to me that the husband and wife chefs after they were back to UK had taught a few friends the practice and this old gentleman was one of their students!

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