Monday, November 22, 2010

Co-ordinate internal gaze with breathing

Chapter 4 of the secret of the golden flower deals with co-ordination of internal gaze with breathing. The objective of which is to fight against sleepy mind (昏沉) and fleeting mind (散亂). Again the focus is on the control of a restless mind. The mind is to "listen" (聼) with one's internal ear. This "listen" is an important in practicing zhan zhuang (站樁) and tai-chi. In the stationary form, a practitioner has to listen to the flow of chi, so that, for example, the effect of "muscle as one"(肌肉如一) can be felt in the stationary form, and "listen to jing" (聼勁) in tai-chi pushing hands. The reason why the word Listen is used instead of Feel (actually it is more feel than listen with one's ears!) is that the mind has to be super-quiet when one what to achieve the desired effect, and a super-quiet situation is related to the action of listening.

In the practice of meditation, listening is important not only in controlling one's restless mind (as mentioned in the secret of the golden flower) but also important in chi-generation as shall be discussed in Hui Ming Jing later in this blog.

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