Monday, November 22, 2010

Retain vitality

Retain vitality or the stoppage of energy outflow (漏盡) is a key concept of Hui Ming Jing's practice of Taoist meditation. In the Secret of the Gold Flower, the text talked about internal gaze and the controlled of the restless mind (as cause of energy loss) as the beginning practice. After achievement of this, other forms of energy also has to be reserved.

In the text's "retain vitality drawing"
漏盡圖, a significant energy loss source is through sexual activities, both as a source of physical energy loss and a source of spiritual energy drain that can only be prevented through celibacy. Liu Huayang's handling of the sexual instinct is as follows:

1. He was against control of sexual instinct through sheer will power.

2. He taught people to revert sexual energy back to the body to nurture the unconscious, at the same time, due to energy loss, sexual urge would ultimately be neutralized.

3. It is a form of physical sublimation of sexual energy.

The modern man who is not leading a life of celibacy must be feeling a bit uneasy. Don't worry, stay tuned.

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