Monday, November 22, 2010

Tribute to Richard Wilhelm

“The text combines Buddhist and Taoist directions for meditation. The basic view is that at birth both spheres of the psyche, consciousness and unconscious, become separated. Consciousness is the element marking what is separated off, individualized, in a person, and the unconscious is the element that unites him and the cosmos. The unification of the two elements via meditation is the principle upon which the work is based. The unconscious must be inseminated by consciousness being immersed in it. In this way the unconscious is activated and thus, together with an enriched consciousness enters upon a supra-personal mental level in the form of a spiritual rebirth. This rebirth then leads first to a progressing inner differentiation of the conscious state into autonomous thought structures. However, the conclusion of the meditation leads of necessity to the wiping out of all differences in the final integrated life, which is free of opposite.”

Richard Wilhelm’s comment on Hui Ming Jing (Book of Consciousness and and Life)

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