Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meditation 101 - negotiate with consciousness

In the old days, truly devoted Taoists will leave their families behind (or after their spouses had passed away), with some money left behind for their families, and went to the mountains to meditate.  Some never returned.  And serious Buddhists would become monks and spent the rest of their lives in their new reborn lives. 

Nowadays, most people aren't seeking for this highest level of devotion to spirituality, and we are in love with people and society around us, well, some complaints, feeling of joy and darkness, all those quarrels and all those happy reunions of old friends.  Sad to see someone close passed away, and delighted to see a new born, whether or not with blood relation.  But then we feel emptiness sometimes, and we wish to be at peace with ourselves internally. And sometimes, we wish to be totally by ourselves, free from all the obligations and ties with this world, seeking some kind of reborn, and yet after that, go back to life with a fresh and enlightened mind.

But our consciousness always tries its best to bring us back, with obligations and commitments, with happiness and, unfortunately, sometimes not so noble a state of mind.  First and foremost therefore, we must get our lives organized in such as way that our consciousness feel satisfied.  Problems are managed, plans are made, objectives are set with time-frames for solutions, and burdens unloaded (like the sage of old age).  And then we humbly talk to our consciousness:  "My dear friend, give me an hour to be myself".

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