Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Ten Essentials of Tai-Chi (10)

Tai-Chi essential 10 of 10: 动中求静 (Moving meditation)

动中求静 外家拳术,以跳掷为能,用尽气力,故练习之后,无不喘气者。 太极拳以静御动,虽动犹静,故练架子愈慢愈好。使则呼吸深长,气沉丹 田,自无血脉愤张之弊。学者细心休会,庶可得其意焉。

My rendition of essential 10: “During movement practice, one is to be in a meditative state”. This is the ultimate in Tai-chi form practice and needs a practitioner’s meticulous attention in order to pursue this goal. Slow and continuous movement is therefore required for tai-chi.

Paul’s additional comment: Please refer to my previous post on the execution of this essential in dance form (click here).

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