Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are you on Depression stance?

When I teach folks on zhan zhuan (standing meditation), once in a while there will be a student who stands like Charlie Brown's depressed stance!  When I asked him to put in more energy, he will say: but you said Relax, and I am relaxing!  I agree with Charlie Brown, he looks like depressed more than relaxed!

Anyone who understands a bit about human psychology can appreciate that our physical well-being can influence our psychological well-being and vice versa. Charlie Brown has certainly made a valid point here. That brings us back to the question: how should one stand during zhan zhuang (standing meditation). As mentioned in a previous post, one important concept is "relaxed by not collapsed (松而不懈)". When a practitioner is not relaxed enough, (extra) chi cannot be generated, and when a practitioner is collapsed (too relaxed), chi that has already been generated will suddenly disappear! A well-managed dynamic balance is required for good practice.


  1. This is just an important point and easily overlooked. How we carry our body, even more than our thoughts, determines how we feel.

  2. Eastern religious practices (like Taoism and Buddhism) have always laid stress on the importance of cultivating the mind and body as a unity - as their highest practice objective (of course, being compassionate, the gurus always welcome common folks to their religions by way of oracles and prayers as mind soothers for more practical sufferings in life...).


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