Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A dosage of spirituality a day or a week?

When I was much younger, I used to enjoy reading motivation and spiritual books a lot, and would write down some important quotations for me to refer to from time to time. Some I was lazy, but there were always ready-to-read packaged-deal like a quotation book, for example a Tony Robbins' Giant Steps summarizing in a third or half an A-4 page motivational or spiritual food for speedy consumption, like a junky Big Mac for quick refueling of our lost energy. For the more religious bend, there are always Churches or monasteries, groups or gatherings, participative or reflective, all to the spiritual needs of everybody. After such healing episodes, every person is ready to go to work with a "killing" mentality again, for a day or a week. One can't really survive in this competitive modern world without this attitude of the jungle, even marketers of spiritual services got it!

And if one loves computers more than books, one can always search and download motivational or spiritual quotations off the internet, not to mention countless spiritual bloggers writing daily spiritual stuffs, and there is no lack of consumers for a quick gulp of some free "spiritual nourishment". To be frank, I enjoy being such a consumer from time to time!

Me being cynical? Not at all. The problem with the modern man is that he has a highly developed consciousness. No more walking over water ("get him onto some scientific testing"), no more revelation or profound teachings from Saints or Immortals ("A psychologist of the Unconscious calls those vivid dreams or fantasies, even Carl Jung got his dreamed up guru Philemon to teach him the archetype theory!"). And chances are that a good salesman can make a successful career in minster-ship. "No, we need spiritual healing, for sure, and stop asking stupid questions". And whoever said this is definitely on the right track. "We males find it more uplifted to have female (especially gorgeous ones) around, who care about what is happening in our Unconscious". And he got it too!

But one practice I find going best with the psyche of the modern man. It is chi-meditation (not day dreaming/relaxing meditation), in particular standing meditation. Through standing meditation our mind's relentless grip on the survival (i.e. killing) instinct will be loosened (and being moral men, we feel happy about it). And without going into deep meditation, we don't see "gods" and don't have revelation for us to explain into or away from. And besides, standing meditation is good for one's physical health too!

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