Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to judge the soundnesss of any chi-kung practice

In a previous post, I mentioned a Chinese book "The foundation practice of Dacheng Kungfu"(大成拳築基功) by a famous chi-kung teacher in China, madam Mei Jingke 祕靜克 (a student of the late grandmaster Wang XianZhai 王薌齋). Her book has a section on How to judge the soundness of any chi-kung practice. One interesting criterion is like this: Study the procedure of the practice and imitate the procedure step by step and see how chi (if any) is being generated inside one's body. This way, one can judge the effectiveness of the practice as well as any dangers or special precautions needed (and of course, whether or not the practice is chi-kung in the first place). Needless to say, as the Madam Master mentioned, this method can only be done by proficient chi-kung practitioners. Incidentally, I agree 100% with the Madam Master on this point of hers.

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