Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now it can be revealed!

In the past, I mean probably before the industrial revolution, knowledge relating to inner personal experience, like meditation or internal martial art, had been transmitted from master to disciples (口訣), together with some secret texts (祕笈) and object-of-authenticity (信物). In recent decades, we witness more and more masters openly teach their practice, publish their secret texts and do away with their object-of-authenticity!

Professionals of whatever specialties want to be successful, and the only way to be successful is through - Marketing their services! With everybody marketing their services, customers will ask: who is the best? who has nothing good to offer? The table has been turned around, and Masters have turned into marketers, and proudly so!

Recently I came across a previously secret text on Tai-chi. A book in Chinese called: 太極法說 (The inner structure of Tai-chi). This is a hand-written text based on the teaching of Wu-style founder Wu QuanYou (吳全佑), and has been passing along the male lineage line only! Now it has been revealed by the Wu family.

There is one interesting chapter called: The method of back-to-origin (固有分明法). Its entirety is as follows:


It touches many points and I shall translate the above some day. But the thing I'm going say now is that it said clearly that a practitioner must train himself to the original pre-puberty body structure whereby muscles-act-as-one. And the way to train is through zhan zhuang (standing meditation). Only after this training, should one go into the movement (the tai-chi form itself) And before doing pushing hand [know others], one must be trained to know oneself during doing a moving form - i.e. carry the zhan zhuang feel to the moving form.

Nowadays, most students will not waste training time through neglecting zhan zhuang training... perhaps as consumerism goes, those who don't have the patience to stand for 15 minutes, let them waste their time! The moral of this story: there is no excuse for any student not able to learn meditation or internal martial art workouts nowadays.

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