Monday, March 28, 2011

Point meditation in advanced martial arts workout

Chinese internal martial arts were evolved from Taoist meditation. And the relationship is most prominent in one key area of advanced martial art training of the internal type. I am talking about point meditation and its application in martial art.

It is true that many practitioners of Tai Chi or other internal martial arts have not heard about nor practiced such techniques, including professional coaches too! In the past, these are considered to be inner techniques for a inner group of "faithful students", for various reasons, one of these is the sheer difficulty in understanding (not to mention learning) the technique in the first place!

The gist of the technique involves two-plus points meditation and the joining of these points through the mind, with the result that these points being connected by chi, and a structure-of-strength being built up for martial purpose. True to say, this technique cannot be appreciated nor practiced without a solid foundation in zhan zhaung or standing meditation.

Concerning the literature, I have found two Chinese books that talked about this technique and explained its practice method in their respective martial arts practice. The first book was written by DaCheng Quan master Yu Yongnian (大成拳站樁與求物 - 于永年)and the second book was written by Wu-style Tai-Chi master Wang DiXian (吴式太极拳(走点线和走贯串)- 汪棣賢). Interested readers can refer to the two books for details.

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