Thursday, March 17, 2011

The wisdom of Can Tong Qi (周易參同契) - Chapter 4c


七八數十五,九六亦相應,四者合三十,陽炁索滅藏。八卦布列曜,運移不失中,元精眇難睹,推 度效符証。居則觀其象,準擬其形容,立表以為范,占候定吉凶,發號順時令,勿失爻動時。上察河文,下序地形流,中稽于人心,參合考三才。動則循卦節,靜則 因彖辭。乾坤用施行,天下然后治。

My rendition:

Seven and eight make fifteen, and so do nine and six, together thirty being reached, Chi of Yang now being full. The eight Hexagrams plan the positions of the seven planets, all circulating around the center. The original chi now reduced to its minutest size, its position can only be estimated according to the Hexagrams. Quietly watch for any signal of change, establish the cauldron’s form, set up a center pole to balance left and right, wait for the right time to react, move only when it is ready, but not too late as to lose good chance. Watch out for signals from the Sky above, inspect the profile of the Earth, and manage the Mind at the center, for the three elements of Sky, Earth and Man have to be in harmony. Move according to Hexagram symbolism, and remain calm according to the profound texts of I Ching. Act with the harmony of Qian and Kun, and the Cosmo can be managed.

Paul’s comment: Taoist meditative experience par excellence. Generation of chi is to be followed by its dissipation and into calm meditation, to be followed by yet another episode of chi-generation. Always maintaining a central balance (守中: check my page on Breathing). A person's small inner cosmos follows the dynamics of the large outer cosmos, both follow the rules of the I Ching Hexagrams, which are formed by trigrams with Qian and Kun as the primary Yin and Yang trigrams.

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