Thursday, May 5, 2011

The secret of external chi healing

What is external chi-healing (外發氣功治療)? The following is a typical description that I got from the internet: A patient is fully clothed and lies on a massage table or sits in a chair. An external chi treatment includes the healer emitting chi without touching the patient.

It boggles the mind of more rational people. How can it work? How can one person physically affect another person without even touching him? As the law of physics says it won't work (action at a distance in this case can only be thermal energy transfer which effect is minimal with air as insulator - gravitational force between small bodies is definitely out of the question!).

But throughout history, people did affect others without touching them in a physical way. Putting aside the cause being a rationally convincing argument (like crying out "Fire!" may cause people to run even without them actually seeing one), it can be done by influencing the psyche of the person to be affected, consciously or even unconsciously. It happened with religions, personal relationship (like love) and ideology etc. And therein lies the clue to an understanding of the (hidden?) secret of external chi healing.

But how does it work? It is done through firstly building up a nearly complete trusting relationship between the chi-kung master and his patients. And in a meditative zone, a person can be induced to feel chi moving along path(s) as suggested by his chi-kung master. The chi-kung master does generate chi inside himself during the healing session - its effectiveness is make-believe (including convincing himself!) rather than a transfer of thermal energy. It is said that women, young people and folks with artistic bend are prompt to be more easily influenced by this kind of auto-suggestion. Sometimes it works better and sometimes it doesn't altogether. In a successful session, the patient will feel chi directed from the point up the path as suggested by the master. Needless to say, different masters have different success rate.

And how to build up this kind of trust? I got the following from a practicing external chi-kung healer on the web: "The first part of the treatment is spent discussing the particular issue that brought them there as well as different aspects of their lives." This first part is to be done before the actual healing session. Without trust and deep understanding, the "trick doesn't work", so to speak!

Does this practice of external chi healing totally divorced from the practice of personal chi-kung exercise? It is not. In zhan zhuang (standing meditation) practice, a typical coach will suggest his beginning student to imagine himself holding a ball with his extended hands and arms. With mind on a meditative zone, the student will be more receptive to such suggestions. Through such suggestion or visualization, the muscles of the student will be activated to hold the imaginary ball, resulting in chi being generated.

Needless to say, chi generated by doing zhan zhuang will be much stronger than that obtained from the suggestion of a healer doing external chi-healing (not to mention the successful rate of the former practice is much higher than the latter).

Who then are still going to receive external chi-healing treatment? They are people who don't want to do little physical work (too lazy?), as well as people who are onto esoteric practice and mythical things!

In addition to external chi healing, some chi-kung practitioners also do external chi for martial art workout (and even combat!). I shall discuss this subject in a future post.

External chi healing ?

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