Monday, July 4, 2011

Chi kung vs anti-virus drugs

Last month, it was reported in the news that University of Hong Kong researchers have discovered a new flu treatment that may resolve the growing problem of influenza viruses becoming resistant to medications. The methodology requires boosting the body's natural immune system to kill flu virus-infected cells. Scientists of HKU found that a drug for treating bone disease, Pamidornate, rapidly and significantly increases a white blood cell subset called gamma-delta T cells. These particular cells can recognize infected cells, punch holes in them, inject an enzyme and kill the cells.

The stage of development is that the drug has proved to be effective on mice and the next stage of testing will be on humans. If everything works well, the drug will be commercially available in a few years.

According to Professor Lau Yu-lung of the University's medical school, conventional drugs target special viral proteins in order to block the virus's entry into cells. Increasingly more flu strains has been found resistant to anti-viral drugs in recent years, including the H1N1 swine flu medication, Tamiflu. This newly testing drug seems able to achieve good results without the side-effects of "training" the bugs to become resistant.

The practice of chi-kung seems to be able to achieve the same results based on similar theory as this newly testing drug. Diligent practitioners of chi-kung has been reportedly to having a stronger immune system that is able to kill many virus in an initial stage or able to shorten the recovery period in more severe cases.

One important benefit of this newly testing drug over chi-kung is that everybody can take it (assuming it can eventually be commercially available) whereas chi-kung must be learned and practiced diligent for the desired results. And one important benefit of chi-kung is that there are many other benefits in addition to killing your bugs! It's all up to our own choice.


  1. Hi Paul!...been reading you here :)....I am fascinated by the power of meditative practices of the mind over the body as a whole. I have some limited experience with Hindu as well as Buddhist meditative practices. I agree with your conclusions in the last paragraph. Also, I feel that the complete benefits of meditation are experienced when we are doing it for both mind and body benefits. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, and I certainly agree with you, I mean truly...not just out of courtesy :):)


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