Monday, August 1, 2011

Chi cultivation vs chi meditation

Practitioners of meditation oftentimes confuse themselves on the different processes of chi cultivation and chi meditation. During chi cultivation or generation, our mind should be focused on chi generation mechanism, which essential means focusing on certain points (like the perineum) with or without more visualizations (like holding a heavy rubber ball or drawing energy, chi, from a tree). When the mind is thus focused, it actually helps one to go into a meditative zone. But it is not the same as IN a (chi) meditation zone. The question to be asked is: How should a practitioner manages his mind during meditation while maintaining a constant chi level?

Firstly in order that one can do proper chi meditation, one has to be trained to generate enough chi for the purpose.

As mentioned above, one can't do proper meditation if one's mind is still busily doing this and that to generate chi! In Taoist meditation, the first step is for one to do microcosmic circulation. When enough chi is generated, one has to "stop fire", and do meditation using the chi thus generated.

But the above still begs the question. When one breathes-in (without conscious control) chi will fill up one's fringes (e.g. finger tips), but when one breathes-out (again without conscious control, that being required by meditation), chi-level will decrease, making one's chi level moves up and down during the breath-in, breath-out cycle.

The criterion for success is to maintain a constant level of chi in one's body during meditation. The trick is to make use of the Mudra (hand technique 手印). When one breathes-in, chi will be generated and some being stored at one's stretched hands, and when one breathes-out, chi there will be liberated to maintain one's chi-level inside one's body during meditation. Yes, as simple as THAT!


  1. Hi, Al Perhacs here. Truly, anybody who wants to unleash energies in the body must first understand the connection between chi and meditation and how they can be working harmoniously for effective results.

  2. You are welcome, and relevant publicity is welcome too!


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