Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A graphical interpretation

The diagrams below were created by a prominent Taoist Neidan grandmaster Lu Xixing 陸西星, the founding grandmaster of the East Taoist Group (西派). This is the "natural process" of creation of the Universe as well as each of us.

Taoist Creation process

Shown below is the the process of Neidan or Taoist meditation practice.  It is the "reverse process" (逆則成仙).   Diagrams drawn by Grandmaster Li.

The reverse process of Taoist meditation (Neidan 内丹)

Note 1: Grandmaster Li used Rabbit (兔) to signify the male element in Kan(坎), and he used Crow (烏 to signify the female element in Li (離). Both are common signifiers used in Taoist Neidan classics.

Note 2: In Chinese legend, there is a jade (white) rabbit in the Moon (black) and there is a crow (black) in the Sun (white). Based on this legend, Taoist Neidan masters used the metaphor of crow-in-sun to signify trigram Li (離) and rabbit-in-moon to signify trigram Kan (坎).

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