Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zen & Tao Poetic 1 - Old maple

老枫 (譚子化書卷1道化)


Old Maple from Tan's Book-of-Change  (my translation)

Old Maple turns into winged fairy
Dead barley breeds butterflies
Non-feeling changes to feeling.
Virtuous lady turns into chaste stone
Hill-worm breeds lilies
Feeling changes to non-feeling.
That's why I say
Earth, wood, metal and stone
all have feelings and spirits.
Void goes anywhere
Spirit can't be blocked by anything
Chi is the same everywhere
Forms have the same essence.
How do I know
Which form belongs to other and which belongs to me?
How can I distinguish
What has consciousness and what has no consciousness?
Million of forms is just one form
Million of spirits is but one spirit
This is the essence of Tao

Tan's Book of Change (譚子化書)

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