Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zen & Tao Poetic 4 - Rootless Tree 1



Rootless Tree consists of 24 rhymed verse (詞) written by famous Taoist Immortal Zhang SanFung 張三豐 who invented tai-chi. Zhang's imagery of rootless tree symbolizes the transient nature of our physical life. By way of literary writing, Zhang urged people to start turning to Tao and take up the practice of Neidan to become an Immortal before it was too late.

This is my translation of verse 1 (I have tried to keep the rhyme):

Rootless tree, blossoming time,
who won't indulge like eternal time?
Unpredictable life, boat'in trouble sea
Aimless float and not being free.
No destiny and no harboring land
Among wild fish and sea-dragons one swims.
Turn around, destiny's here
Or til the day of shipwreck is near?

Paul's comment: Taoist meditation or Neidan is clearly not just "technique", but has its own morality and its way of looking at life. A modern man might not buy into every bit of its philosophy. But without any reasoned perspective in life, without any deep thinking behind, why should one consider practicing deep meditation? A good cleansing of one's body and soul cannot escape the mind of an ancient Taoist, including guru Zhang; nor can it escape the mind of any serious modern practitioner.

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