Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mental attitude for Golfer - Golf workout tips 1

This is what I read from the internet concerning mental attitude of golfers: "Like many other golfers, you probably neglect the most important facet of your game—your mental attitude. After missing a three-footer, you slap your putter, throw it against your bag, and beat yourself up for missing yet another short putt!" Another important observation is that when a golfer is in the zone, his performance becomes so effortless. It seems that golfers do need a good dosage of meditation if they are serious about their game.

Some yoga gyms run courses targeted to yoga. The pitch is through yoga a golfer can train to have a calm mind as well as a more balanced body.

My pitch to golfers is that they can do better taking up zhan zhuang and tai-chi workout. Why? For one thing zhan zhuang is standing-meditation, and thus can directly move one's mind into the zone. And being both in standing positions, zhan zhuang and golf can easily effect a good transfer of learning.

Once a golfer has learned the chi-generation in the standard stance, embracing a tree, the next step will be for him or her to practice zhan zhuang in special golf-stance, as explained in my previous post (click here).

In my next post on Golf workout tips, I shall go into the use of spiral energy as practiced in tai-chi workout.

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