Monday, October 3, 2011

The wisdom of Diamond Sutra - chapter 27



My translation of chapter 27 of Diamond Sutra: Continual improvement based on Dharma

Subhuti, I just feared that you might think Tathagata get Bodhi Enlightenment without having achieved fulfillment at all forms of enlightenment. Don't think like this. Subhuti, if you think like this, it (my teaching) will become: those who vow to achieve Bodhi enlightenment should throw away all Dharma, don't think like that. Why? Those who vow to achieve Bodhi enlightenment follow the Dharma rather than throw away the Dharma, and never stop improving (in their route towards ultimate Enlightenment).

Paul's comment: this chapter should be read in conjunction with the previous chapter. The Buddha was worried about those who wrongly think that they are the wisest, and, after misinterpreting the Buddha's teaching in Diamond Sutra, throw after all Dharma teachings, and vainly believe that they can achieve enlightenment or are actually enlightened, and forget about the Dharma teachings altogether!

Didn't we sometimes see folks who claim to understand Zen or Tao and believe that Zen or Tao is just "anything goes"? And citing portion(s) of Diamond Sutra of Tao Te Ching as their justification!!

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