Thursday, December 8, 2011

The closing sequence of chi-kung and meditation

If one has a little familiarity with chi-kung or meditation, one will likely have encountered the following closing sequence, to be done as a finishing stage of a chi-kung or meditation session:
  1. Rub your palms together to generate heat
  2. Rub your face with your hands
  3. Pat your arms with your palms
  4. Most important, rub your abdomen (Dantian) with your palms one on top of the other in circular motion (some will be meticulous about which hand to be on top and whether clockwise or anti-clockwise, often times according to one's gender).
What is the claimed benefit of this closing sequence?  To dissipate any possible trapped chi and bring chi back to one's Dantian.

The question is: Is it really necessary to do this kind of finishing sequence? It depends on what kind of chi-kung or meditation you're learning. For Zhan Zhuang in which chi will move most naturally, a finishing sequence is quite unnecessary.

But if you're practicing any form of chi-kung or meditation, and you're asked by your coach/teacher/sifu/master to do this finishing sequence, but you still feel uncomfortable physically (internal chi-discomfort) after doing it, it may be advisable for you to stop your particular practice altogether, to avoid the on-set of chi-kung syndrome.

How about doing Neidan or Taoist meditation? After one can successfully do the microcosmic circulation, with deeper relaxation and more practice, one will eventually come to a stage wherein one's chi between one's diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles being very strong. Too strong to be comfortable. In this stage one needs to allow the body to absorb this powerful chi at a singular point within one's lower abdomen (Dantian) - the exact location depends on each practitioner, but no worry, your body will tell you when you come to this stage. Use your mind to slowly turn your chi (at your abdominal point) in circular motion (again your body will tell you which direction will be suitable), with the aids of your eyes turning likewise. Doing it this way your energy will be absorbed and your mind will enter a totally calm stage, ready for doing deeper meditation. When you have accomplishment this, in Taoist lingo, congratulations, your have created an additional tiny bit of elementary-elixir (小葯).

Meditation (The Secret of the Golden Flower)

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