Monday, December 12, 2011

Power Mudra for everyday use!

Bruce with Power-Mudra
The best example of power-mudra can be seen at Hong Kong's beautiful waterfront where there is this famous stature of the famous Bruce Lee in combat stance.  Look at his fingers: how his index and little fingers point straight and other fingers curving down.  And look at the Apana Mudra below, for meditation where the two curved fingers touching the thumb:
The Apatha Mudra - a power mudra

A Mudra helps a meditator to generate chi, and the same helps a martial artist to generate chi to properly connect (or reconnect) his total body muscles to build a strong structure.

The objective of the internal martial art system, like tai-chi, is to train one's whole body system.  As Bruce Lee's stance shows, this kind of training can be applied to all martial art workout (Bruce had a low regard to tai-chi as a power system, yet he seemed to have trained in similar way).

The beauty of this kind of muscle work-out system is that it can be incorporated into our daily lives.  A shop-till-dead lady can make good use of mudra, turning her shopping trip to a chi-training trip - see below:

Mudra and shopping bags (Apatha Mudra is recommended)
If you commute by subway (or Tube or MTR), you can make good use of a hanger to "hold tight with Apatha Mudra" - with best results doing zhan zhuang at the same time!

Hold tight with Apatha Mutra


  1. I loved this post!! You brought the power to everyday practices :) Although I am not the 'shop-till-you-drop' kind, I will certainly carry those shopping bags mindfully now onwards....Thanks!

  2. ...they go together, spiritual mindfulness and physical mindfulness. Thanks for your appreciation!

  3. Also this is the main Mudra of Guru Rinpoche also known as Padmasambhava. He established Buddhism in Tibet around 8th century by subduing many hostile ethereal forces which prevented Dharma there.


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