Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chi-generation for old people on wheelchairs

An indication of old age infirmity is the weakening of one's ability to walk. First is one finds it difficult to walk, then a cane must be used, then a metal frame is needed, then on wheel-chair.... It is sad, isn't it? What can we do about it?

A physiotherapist can give you this piece of good advice: if you can walk, walk; if can't walk, stand; if can't stand, sit! I would add: do zhan zhuang chi-kung at the same time. The objective is try our best to prolong the onset of each stage, and hopefully we can still be able to walk (with a cane) until our very last day.

How about those old people who are already on wheel-chairs? Worse yet, how about the situation when they suffer from Alzheimer disease at the same time?  What can a healer do to help these old folks?

For the last few years, I have the good opportunity to help some old people to improve their health conditions (both physically and mentally), in particular, help them to generate chi to increase their mobility and general well-being.

It is a challenging but sometimes frustrating experience, in particular the most severe cases. What can a healer do? Your "client" is totally passive!

One thing that we chi-kung healer can do is to do sole-massage for them. The best way of doing it is like stimulating a pain-reaction. It is like redirecting the energy generated from the client's muscles contraction (stimulated through sole-massage). And redirecting it in such as way that chi-energy of the client is "driven back" to his hip joints where he has to dissipate this energy through activating primarily his pelvic floor muscles and secondarily his diaphragm.

If you're a seasoned chi-kung practitioner, try it on an old client when you got the chance. It will be very beneficial on your client and will improve your understanding of chi as well as your healing ability.

Sole massage


  1. My late mother spent a lot of time in an assisted living home after having a stroke, then a nursing home before finally the funeral home. I got to see a lot of human train wrecks up close.

    That was one of my motivations to study internal martial arts. These are pursuits that are mentally engaged and that I expect to be able to study and practice well into my advanced dotterage.

  2. I can certainly appreciate how you feel. Old age infirmity doesn't only mean physical sufferings, but can go so far as maintaining our own human dignity (not that needing others' help is lack of dignity, but once knowing there is a choice [to help oneself or to help others], the lack of action is almost morally unforgivable for any decent human least that's my belief.


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