Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The concept of Kundalini

In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Kundalini is the practice to cultivate activation of the power of Fire for a speedy Enlightenment of a Buddhist. In this post, I shall discuss the questions of: What is the nature of energy in Kundalini? And what is the theory behind activation of this energy for spiritual purpose, as defined in Tibetan Buddhism?

In Buddhism, there are four gross elements in existence: earth, water, fire and air. These elements are there, i.e. with a priori existence, before the perception of any sentient being. And Kundalini belongs to the element of Fire. An enlightened one's compassion comes from Fire, and so does a common person's anger.

In the briefest sense, the process of kundalini is to mindfully transform and materialize such pre-existing energy (Fire) for spiritual reason (like into compassion instead of into anger). In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, various techniques have been invented to activate such energy by different gurus. The gist of the concept remains: an energy transformation.

Assuming that a practitioner is successful in practicing Kundalini, his negative energy, say of greed, anger and lust, will be transformed into positive energy of, say, love and compassion. As such, regular practice of kundalini is essential to allow transformation of negative energy coming its way everyday. Reducing the potential of the negative energy is the best preventive action. Having said that, the most enlightened and successful practitioners can thus be expected to be able to transform his negative energy into positive energy EVERY TIME just before such negative energy can surface!

Corollary: next time when you meet a guru who claims himself to have reached kundalini awakening, see how he will react in frustrating situations. If he gets irritated easily, you can conclude that he is not yet there....:):)

PS: I shall discuss some kundalini techniques in some future posts, stay tuned!

Transforming the Fire of Kundalini


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