Thursday, April 12, 2012

Doing chi kung with yoga pose

The quickest post to generate chi is the classic zhan zhuang "embrace the tree" post.  The essential part is the angular hands and feet.  With a focused mind, energy from natural breathing will be transmitted and "stored" at the angular joints, and chi will be felt.  Yes, as simple as THAT!

Yoga-asana is different. Oftentimes it works with straightened limb(s). The benefit of which is better alignment, the down-side is, it is very difficult to generate chi in a yoga pose.  To TRULY getting benefit from your yoga stand, you must do powerful abdominal breathing.  For want of a larger group of students, a "rational" yoga teacher will probably advise his or her student to "take it easy", which, as far as my understanding goes, you can't get the benefit out of yoga this way, and assuming no side-negatives as I mentioned in some previous posts.

Can we get the benefits out of both worlds?  My opinion is positive. This is my advice for serious yoga-students (Are your kidding?  NO!):

1. Talk a preliminary course in zhan zhuang to understand the flow of chi, you will notice that chi can be generated easier with bended limbs and normal breathing (plus other zhan zhuang requirements as I mentioned in my "Zhan Zhuang 101").

2. After that, do yoga-asana with powerful abdominal breathing.

My main practice is chi-kung, but I do yoga-asana too, with powerful abdominal breathing, and the benefit is phenomenal.  And I enjoy doing the Tree pose, in particular.

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