Monday, July 9, 2012

Political humor comes true

Let's face it, Hong Kong Chinese are not humorous.  The 2007 funniest Cantonese stand-up comedian turned out to be an India Vivek Mahbubani, yes, the guy can speak Cantonese more fluent than many native Cantonese and definitely more funny.  Lucky guy, because I am going to spare him, for another day!  I'm going to talk about a recent pictorial political humor circulating around Hong Kong's younger population over the internet, I was fortunate enough to get hold of an image though I have already passed my prime.

Apathy is the worst enemy to any comedian (if you don't believe it, ask Vivek). "Hong Kong folks oftentimes just don't give you any response".  Not so for this circulating piece.  It is about a "news reporting" on this year's Hong Kong annual July 1 rally.   After seeing this image in my computer, my initial response was anger (yes, ANGER!), not laughter, and not apathy.   To be honest, it took me some time to get over this anger, came to my senses, and transformed my composure into laughter.  I tried to check up the response of a few guys who have seen this image.  Many are still in a stage of anger.  Why?  People found it so believable, and therefore believed in it! 

PS: This image is for the consumption for those who can read Chinese and understand something about the local publishing industry, and who care about the place and its people

Great-grandpa joke

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