Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The power of the throat chakra

Most practitioner interested in chakra meditation like to meditate on the heart chakra, not without good reason, because it is the centre of one's body, the "emptying" of which can promote balanced chi cultivation throughout the body, for some details please refer to my post: Breathing and chakras opening.  In this post I'm going to talk about the throat chakra that most people side-tracked in their practice or teaching.

To better understand the power of the throat chakra, one must first be reminded that the objective of chakra meditation is "emptying" the chakra rather than overloading the chakra with chi-energy.  In throat chakra meditation, the chakra will essentially be treated as a fulcrum. In the initial meditative stage, the throat chakra will be meditatively focused to establish or to create its presence.  Once its presence is created, like everything else in Buddhism, its "reality of being present" needs to be thrown away, and in this case, the throat chakra will be visualized into a fulcrum.

As taught in elementary physics,  there is an action point and an acted point, with a fulcrum, for work done.  It is, however, not necessarily a way of better using one's energy, but can be devised to do things more effectively (efficiently will be a concept of energy saving).  A physical example will be the use of a tong to add sugar to our coffee, where F1 (action) times A = F2 (acted) time B, with B>A.  It is the same underlining logic with using the throat chakra as fulcrum.

One example of the action point is a practitioner's tongue, while the acted point is a practitioner's thoracic cavity's upper wall.  The purpose is to enabling the mindful activation of the latter, for health and spiritual purpose.   Needless to say, it is for advanced practitioners only, and this is but one example of throat chakra usage only.

Throat chakra

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