Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chakra meditation for stress relief

Let's face it, stress has its roots in external events, any system of stress management cannot cause a change in the external environment (any such belief will be superstitious in nature).  A good stress relief system, however, can let us put our stress-inducing event into better perspective, first experiential, and then as our mental faculty catches on, rationally (or cognitively).  And we perceive reality in a different way (our perception changed), and we believe differently (our cognitive system changed).  And with these changes, we will be able to tackle our life's problem using the best option available to us, or figuratively speaking: doors will open!

The best chakra to use in stress relief is the heart chakra (in Chinese system Danzhong 膻中穴).  This is the place where the feeling of love and forgiveness (of oneself or others) reside. The balancing point where all positives and negatives balance out each other.  The meditation point where forces and blockages from every direction tend to neutralize themselves.  The spiritual site where we can, so to speak, stand one level above oneself: and see ourselves as a suffering self. We are still suffering, yet we can objectively see ourselves as suffering, with ourselves being on the same level as every living sentient being.  The effect is the therapeutic par excellence.

While meditating on our heart chakra, we gently bring forth the external event that causes the stress, like a long term memory of being hurt or a guilty feeling that has been haunting us up to this date, we  place it at the hear chakra and allow the passion of love to nurture our wound without agitating our emotion.  We then gently visualize our wounds to be a blockage, or a series of blockages, in our body, for example, a blockage at one of our shoulder joints, which is quite common. With dantien (a point at the centre of lower abdomen) breathing, we gently activate the heart chakra (and therefore our diaphragm), and let our passion of love flow to the blockage.  Opening the blockage physical and loosening our emotional entanglement at the the same time.

The key to healing is to put it down rather than fight against it.  When we put down our traumatic event, because it is traumatic in nature, we are at the same time putting down a part of our personality relating to this event.   And by putting it down, we can see it as an outsider can view the event, and we can see and feel that we have a choice! And we have a chance to move on.

PS1: For those who like praying instead of meditating, the above method can still work. 

PS2: The exact position of the heart chakra may differ for each individual, as long as one feels right, it will be OK.

Good luck with your practice.

Heart chakra healing


  1. Could you refer me to a book which maps the chakras to traditional Chinese medicine?

  2. Taoist meditation and Tibetan Deity Yoga use the concept of zhong mai (中脈) which is central to the body and where the chakra lies. TCM doesn't use the concept, Danzhong 膻中穴 at the sternum is actually on Ren Mai (centre of front torso), it is however, a good "pointer" to the heart chakra which situates inside the body.


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