Friday, November 16, 2012

Music for meditation

Yesterday I received an email inviting my blog to sell music on meditation. I searched for "Meditation music cds" in and returned with 26,964 results. And I searched in Youtube, and expectedly, there are plenty, about 594,000! There must be lots of people using music to help their meditation, or if they are not practicing meditation, certainly meant to help their sleep, which I suspect being a more prevalent reason for purchase or free-download.

Music is indeed the universal language that can relax our body and mind. And with a relaxed body and mind, one can do meditation easier. To mediate, one find a cozy room, seated with, preferably, folded legs on a cushion, spine erect, hands stretched and resting by the knees, and breath naturally. Mind focus on one's abdomen and mindful to each breath that shall start (and end) there. It's so easy to begin.

Most meditation music is non-representational that, unfortunately, might induce some meditators to doze off easily. During meditation, one's mind needs to be on hold, or at a position detached from one's ego or daily concerns. Therefore one should neither be struggling with our daily chores nor doze off into sleep. Meditation music actually does not need to be non-representational (to some people rather boring too, perhaps) music. As long as it can put your mind on hold from one's ego, it will be find. Music in praise of our Lord Jesus might also be suitable for a Christian meditator, an example will be an extract from Handel's Messiah below:


  1. Music can do a lot of good for people. It can help them get in the mood, heal them when they are in pain and keep them entertained when they are bored. With all these benefits of music, it is impossible to live life without it. Thanks for sharing!

    Relaxation Music

  2. Terence, I can't agree with you more! So much so, I got an electronic keyboard last Christmas (I have been off-hand to musical instruments for decades), and I have been enjoy playing it for a year now....

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  4. thanks! perhaps some people see bushes during their meditation, I don't know....:):)

  5. Amazing post. thanks for sharing this meditation information with us. Keep posting!


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