Monday, November 5, 2012

Oral vs written tradition

Most families in the West, ideologically rather than geographically defined, own at least one copy of Bible. My family got a few, most as gifts from pious friends, the most recent one is of larger type size, a caring gift from a good friend who understood the frailty of aging starting with one's eyesight (and Obama, who will be putting his fate on the line tomorrow, once said his sign of aging began with his feet - he was a basketball player at College). But I was told nobody became converted through reading the Bible, there will be someone who speaks, who preaches, who carries the message of God. Jesus never asked his Apostles to write a book, he urged them to speak and to preach. The same for tai-chi.

Nobody learns tai-chi from reading a book (it would be miracle through reading a blog, this one in particular :)). We need a teacher, a master, a coach, or a sifu. Tai-chi is something that needs to be experienced, and need a helping hand or rather a helping speaking voice that says "This is the (internal) feeling that I ask for!" And you got it, but to forget about it the next time you're doing it in front of your teacher, and he reminded you again and again when you got that same fleeting (internal) feeling, until one day you got it, almost instinctively, and now your can teach! It is the same for spirituality: the day you know that you got it is the day you can teach, and the same day your master urged you to "Take the road and start teaching!"

If you're not ready to teach, you're still not there, same for tai-chi, same for spirituality. Jesus knew it then, you teacher knows it now. Well I suppose your teacher does...:):)

Jesus preaching

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