Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspired by Tao Te Ching - chapter 22


曲則全,枉則直,窪則盈,弊則新,少則得,多則惑。是以聖人抱一為天下式。不自見,故明;不自是,故彰;不自伐,故有功;不自矜,故長。夫唯不爭,故天下 莫能與之爭。古之所謂曲則全者,豈虛言哉!誠全而歸之。

My translation of Chapter 22 of Tao Te Ching:

Bent for survival,
Wronged for integrity ,
Hollowed to make room for fullness,
Withered to prepare for new growth,
Scarcity leads to gain,
Abundance leads to confusion.
Therefore a sage holding the oneness of Tao in all situations.
Hidden therefore shine;
No promotion therefore becomes well known;
No aggression therefore accomplished;
No begging therefore live long.
Not engaging in confrontation, therefore no enemy.
Ancient wisdom taught us "Bent for survival",
Isn't it sound advice!
The ultimate strategy.

Paul's comment: Softness to dissolve hardness. A great, and the best, strategy to bear in mind and a first response to every obstacle in life, as long as we can realize that this ultimate objective cannot be easily achieved in all cases, and therefore frontal confrontation as the next best strategy is understandable, in some cases...


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