Friday, July 12, 2013

Inspired by Tao Te Ching - chapter 23


希言自然,故飄風不終朝,驟雨不終日。孰為此者?天地。天地尚不能久,而況於人乎?故從事於道者,道者同於道;德者同於德;失者同於失。同於道者, 道亦樂得之;同於德者,德亦樂得之;同於失者,失亦樂得之。信不足,焉有不信焉。

My translation of Chapter 23 of Tao Te Ching:

Rarely can we find a lasting nature
Morning breeze doesn’t last till noon
Occasional shower doesn’t last the day
Who is responsible?
Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth cannot keep things long lasting
How can humans?
Therefore when a person lives according to Tao, he is in Tao
Lives according to Morality, he is in Morality
Lives according to nothing, he is in nothing.

When Tao is being practiced, Tao is glad to come,
When Morality is being practiced, Morality is glad to come,
When nothing is being practiced, Nothing is glad to come.
I believe Tao is going to come more often
rather than it will never come.

Paul's comment: Virtuousness only comes with human effort. Don't complain of not seeing benevolent behavior. Strive for more, and believe more is possible. In ourselves and in others. This is Tao.

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