Friday, November 22, 2013

Inspired by Tao Te Ching - chapter 32



My translation of chapter 32 of Tao Te Ching:

Tao defines no specific action
Therefore nobody can block its way
When a leader follows the way of Tao
Everything he does will create harmony
Heaven and earth will embrace
Rainfall will nurture the soil
Good fortune will come
People will live harmoniously without any directive

Act according to Tao
No directive is required
No directive need to be made
Everlasting harmony will follow
The way of Tao is as natural as the way of a river
A river will eventually flow to the sea
Without any further action
The same for Tao

Paul's comment: Tao is the invisible hands and more than the invisible hands. The rule of law or whatever is not everything, because it can favor the majority against the minority or the minority against the majority. Benevolent dictatorship, or the dictatorship of whatever class or party, is worse. A high ethical standard and a high culture is required. Disagreements will be avoided or easily resolved only among a people with the highest standard of morality. The Te (morality) of Tao Te Ching lays the foundation for the Tao of Tao Te Ching. A working philosophy rather than a set of rules.


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