Monday, December 2, 2013

What is spirituality?

In the briefest sense, spirituality is the pursue of spiritual attributes like long-suffering, tolerant, sober, courageous, humble, sincere, faithful, loyal, pleasant, joyful, prudent, active, steady, compassionate, affectionate, steady, unselfish etc. Like many things of value in life, good but very difficult to attain. You feel you are lacking, and you want to have some. You look for help and your search the internet. There you find loads of wise prose or verse, using everyday examples or mythical terms, about spirituality and spiritual attributes.The value of spirituality is praised. And you agree with such wise talks that remind you that you should be humble, sincere etc. And the most beautiful thing is these great qualities are all there within you, you got it already, you just forget about the fact that they are there. These wisdom writers just remind you of this beautiful self of yours.

So you are happy! Afterall happiness is all we are seeking, isn't it? And you got it, fair deal for the time you spent reading the stuffs. After a week, for some it might be a few hours, you again feel that you are lacking in spirituality. You open your browser and another spoonful of spirituality.

In the contemporary world, a belief in the metaphysical is lacking or insufficient (with good reasons), many people are seeking more effective tools to help their spirituality. Not only by reading spiritual writings, but also by physical practices that can shape our body and mind, and in psychological terms, develop our personality, for the better. Figuratively speaking, to tame the barbarian inside. And it is here that mind body practices like tai chi comes into the picture. 

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