Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Three essential ways of nei kung training for combat

Nei Kung is a special kind of body conditioning training for combat. And it is a special training method for all internal martial arts and some external martial arts. Usually the system is more elaborated in the former. There is however an external martial form that can shed a good understanding of  how to use nei kung in combat body training. I am talking about Fujian YongChun White Crane (福建永春的白鶴拳)

Fujian YongChun White Crane has been considered a regional style rather than a national style. Despite its regional status, special attention has been placed to this style because of two reasons:
  1. Karate's Gōjū-ryū (剛柔流), (Japanese for "hard-soft style")was developed from this style.
  2. Master Wang Xiang Zai traveled to Fujian in search of a better style of martial art and was impressed by a master of this style, learned from him and incorporated part of its training philosophy into his style of internal martial art.
To have a glimpse of this important style, perhaps we can look at how a master practises the famous San Zhan form (三戰), which is also an important kata in Gōjū-ryū. The following video of Master Li Gong of Hong Kong is available in Youtube.  In the video there are three ways to practice the form, firstly hard (剛), secondly soft 柔, and thirdly brisk 脆. Good reference can be made to tai chi's square form, round form and fa jing.

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