Thursday, April 17, 2014

What mind body exercise is all about

Mind body exercises are training of our mind and body. What are the training objectives of mind body exercises? What are considered good training results? 

One liner wisdom blog Aphorism of the Day is one of the few blogs that I follow. The author's most recent entry Body and Mind gave the best answer to the above questions. It says:

Movement is the freedom of the body; stillness, of the mind.

In mind body exercises our ultimate objective is freedom.

In the body part of mind body exercises, we train our body's flexibility and core strength, so that we can move our joints with ease, and we can move about with light feet. It is not muscular, but muscle tuning is essential. It is not flexibility training, but joint movement with equal degree of freedom at all possible directions. It is not sweating all over (sweating though is acceptable and good), but body filled with warmth. It is not no pain no gain, but we can choose the level of strenuousness.

In the mind part of mind body exercises, we train our mind to become still, not stillness as without passion, not stillness as death. It is stillness with calmness. As warm as our tempered body, as passionate as our heart and as controlled as our breathing.

Our mind wants to be free from the constraints of our body. Before that can be achieved, we have to free our body first. Finally mind becomes body and body becomes mind. No more inner civil war between our body and mind. A sound objective for everybody who has passed the meridian of his life.

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