Monday, April 20, 2015

Why you need a good acupuncturist and a good chi kung teacher

Acupuncture works with meridian system (經絡). It is a network of channels through which chi flows. Basically there are twelve standard meridians and eight extraordinary meridians. And there are lists of acupunctural points readily available in books and over the internet. In Hong Kong, practice in acupuncture is regulated, according to the Ordinance practitioners have to study for a first degree level course on the subject (with practical training course) and will then need to pass a Licensing Examination conducted by the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong. Unlike western medical practices, a defined period of supervised clinical experience is not needed. If you have the locations of the acupunctural points, the skills of how to work with the needles and a "cook book" for various ailments, what more is needed?

It missed one important aspect: the average body structure of an average person is not perfect. And, one important consequence, therefore locations of the acupunctural points will not be exactly the same for each person or patient! And in order to find, and therefore, to needle on the exact locations requires the good experience of a good acupuncturist. And such understanding cannot come upon with one or two years of supervised practice!

Good chi king masters know it all the time. In chi kung, the focused points are oftentimes similar to the acupunctural points (in concept if not in delivering the same healing result). In chi kung, getting the right focused points will be the joint effort of a good teacher (sifu) and his or her student. The reason is that ultimately it is the student who is able to feel and mentally-cum-physically act on the points.

In conclusion, self-learning is chi kung is possible, but in most cases it will be better with the personal coaching of good teacher (corollary:  mediocre teacher and large group training without the benefit of individual coaching will be insufficient). On the other hand, if you are seeking the service of an acupuncturist, make sure you find a good one!

Acupunctural points

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