Thursday, May 21, 2015

A nice chronicle for the family - a book review for "Kandide and the secret of the mists"

I did book reviews in, not so many lately because of my various other commitments. Once in a while,  a guy/publisher will send me a copy and ask me for a review. I did so when I have time. This review is about the first book of a series by a writer introduced to me a couple of years ago in Hong Kong. Author Diana is a gorgeous lady having an impressive career as a professional magician, performing artist, illusion creator (she created some of David Copperfield's illusions), a business consultant for multi-national corporations and above all a writer of fictions.

The time I met her was when she published her first book, she presented me a signed copy without asking me for a review. She also told me that a series would come when she had time to tackle the whole project. Then she was doing some exciting management consulting projects that presumably consumed all her time. As a business person myself, I understand perfectly how one's business commitments can have on what one is passionate about, like writing a book, like I have been talking about writing a book on 24 styles tai chi nei gung for more than two years!

Anyway, I found Diana's book very interesting and perfect read for the whole family, in particular for parents who would like to give good guidance to their kids with something as interesting as a nicely written fairy book. Recently I was told that Diana finally gathered her acts together and finished her book two of the chronicle. I immediately downloaded book two to my Kindle, and before reading it, I did the following short review for her first book "Kandide and the secret of the mists":

If you are looking for a captivating fiction for the family, Diana's "Kandide and the secret of the mists" is a perfect choice. A story of a winged fairy kingdom and a journey of a princess turning young queen. It is about tolerance, love and growth. The plot is captivating and the story educational. The prose is a good example of what parents want their kids to emulate in the English language. I am happy to learn that Kandide's story will continue..

Highly recommended reading.

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