Friday, March 9, 2018

Awards - Thanks to everyone's support, not the least my dear readers!

Everyone loves receiving awards. Recently I was very pleased to learn that I have received the "Top 10 Tao Blog Awards". It certainly gives me more motivation to write articles here. It is nice that my ideas and thoughts can be of some use to folks living in far away places, though the English-speaking world still dominates as far as viewership is concerned.

Looking back a few years ago, I received another award: "Top Site for Religious Studies". Needless to say, despite being top in religious studies, my blog is practical and experiential in nature rather than academic in nature. This difference is very important for the pursuit of Tao. Many academics failed to comprehend the practice side of Tao. Those who can reap good benefits (like the late Richard Wilhelm) do not need to know much about Chinese classics.

My most treasured award however is the "Bronze Award for Whatever" from a late internet friend. He gave me the award for my creative (and often humorous) comments to his blog posts.


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