Friday, March 11, 2011

The wisdom of Can Tong Qi (周易參同契) - Chapter 1b


覆冒陰陽之道,猶工御者,準繩墨,執衘巒,正規矩, 隨軌轍,處中以制外,數在律歷

My rendition:

The Tao of ying and yang should be like this
Like a seasoned chariot rider
With accurate measurements and calculations
Hold firm the controlling reins
Follow the guiding path of the track
Manage the inside to control the outside
with calculated precision as evidenced
in rules being taught, history remembered and teachings written down.

Paul’s comment: The practice of Taoist yoga (or inner alchemy) should follow the mathematical precision of I-Ching, as it has always been practiced this way. As said by our guru.

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