Friday, March 11, 2011

The wisdom of Can Tong Qi (周易參同契) - Chapter 1c



My rendition:

A month can be divided into six portions of five days each
Each day can be further divided into longitude and latitude
A total of sixty segments with hardness followed by softness
One yin coupled with one yang
The morning hours see the action of Sprouting (Hexagram - 屯), at dusk the action passes to Youthful Folly (Hexagram - 蒙)
When one pattern finishes, it is the start of another pattern
The Sun and Moon have fixed cycles
And so are the action and inaction of Day and Night

Paul’s comment: Mathematical precision is the fundamental pattern in nature, and so it is also the same as applied to Taoist yoga (or inner alchemy). As said by the guru.

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