Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do you want to have higher EQ?

I have a friend who is a minister. He is kind of friendly, and he likes to preach as well as enjoy life (like savoring a cup of good cappuccino after each meal). But, if you say something against his thinking or belief (not necessarily religious in nature), he becomes noticeably irritated, and you can see him trying his best to control himself, which sometimes he would fail! Talking about blogging, I came across bloggers who wrote on spiritual subjects. They are kind, lovely and positive. But, when my comments were not at all agreeable to what they have written, they became irritated. So much so, one even deleted all my previous comments on his blog! Yes, all of us need a good dosage of EQ, in addition to spirituality.

But having a better EQ is not too difficult to achieve at all. The simplest method is to learn some zhan zhuang, from a qualified teacher of course. This recommendation comes from my own coaching experience. When chi is activated, a practitioner has to have the patience to "look-after" or manage the budding chi. With attention to minute changes in the body and carefully nurturing and growing the chi (one can't hurry, because chi doesn't like an irritated guy), one's restless mind will be calmed down.

The next thing is one's posture. Chi doesn't like depression stance. After practicing with a nice stance, chi will be generated and your depression gone.

The final point is of particular interest. We all can get hot-headed under certain situation. As Zen sixth patriarch Hui Neng once said, if you can't feel pain, you're just like a piece of rock. But the thing is if your chi can move without obstruction, your heated-up energy will be dissipated fairly quickly, and you are more likely to calm down again in a short while.

My conclusion is, reading books on spirituality can't help you to improve your EQ as good as doing zhan zhuang. So stand up and do some zhan zhuang now, before you regret again after your next blow-up.

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