Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The wisdom of Diamond Sutra - chapter 16



My rendition of chapter 16: A karma changing Sutra

“Furthermore, Subhuti, if there are good men or women who recite, remember, comprehend, and follow this Sutra, but are belittled by others, it is because of their previous evil karma, which would cause them to be born in wretched conditions . By suffering the disparagement of others arising from preaching this Sutra, this previous bad karma is eradicated, and they will attain unsurpassed complete enlightenment in this life. Subhuti, I remember that countless kalpas ago, before the time of Dipankara Buddha, I have encountered 84,000 billion nayutas of Buddhas, made offerings to and served all of them without fail. However, if someone in the Dharma-ending age can recite, remember, comprehend, and follow this Sutra, this person’s virtue will be one hundred times, even a hundred trillion times greater than mine when I made offerings to all these Buddhas. In fact, no such comparison either by calculation or analogy is possible. Subhuti, if I fully reveal the virtue attained by good men and good women in the Dharma-ending age who recite, remember, comprehend, and follow this Sutra, some people, upon hearing it, would become suspicious, skeptical, even bewildered. Subhuti, you should know that the underlying meaning of this Sutra is inconceivable, and its rewards are also inconceivable.”

Paul's comment: The essential message of this Sutra is that its teaching can have the great power of changing one's karma for the better. In other chapters, the Buddha praised the merit arising from abiding by and preaching this Sutra using various analogies and examples. In this Chapter he even compared it with his own respects acted towards many thousands of Buddhas. Needless to say, the Diamond Sutra (its understanding, abiding, and propagation) got the greatest Merit.

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