Friday, September 2, 2011

Muscle tuning for golfers - Golf workout tips 2

More than other kinds of sports, playing golf requires a more subtle form of muscle control. A golfer is required to have a finely-tuned muscular system to enable him to make subtle and almost unconscious adjustment to reflect the realities of a particular stroke. What is the workout objective? In the system of zhan zhuang and tai-chi, this objective is called "muscles-as-one". The concept of which I explained in a previous post: The importance of Total-Body-Change.

In internal martial art systems such as tai-chi, a practitioner is required to train to such a condition that firstly the power of throwing a punch should be transmitted from the sole of one's foot up to the tip of the hand and beyond, and secondly a practitioner is required to be able to throw such a punch from different stance.

When applied to golf, a golfer should be trained using golf specific stance. Details please refers to my previous post: Golf chi-kung.

The next tip for golf shall be the opening of one's shoulder joints in combination with muscles-as-one.

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