Friday, September 2, 2011

Structural balance and imbalance - Golf workout tips 3

Recently I came across a yoga tip for golf. Basically the yoga tip talked about the structural imbalance of a seasoned golfers and said that some yoga training can alleviate the imbalance. I agree with the author that yoga indeed is a good practice for promoting structural alignment and balance. However I feel that for a serious practitioner of one-sided sports (like golf, tennis of even martial art) oftentimes a price has to be paid for performance.

Having said that I do maintain that a balanced structure is required even for the most professional golfers and is actually essential for beginning golfers who are aiming high (to become good amateur players or even to become a professional one day). Am I contradicting myself? No, let me explain.

In order to deliver strong and well-managed power on the top striking point, one need to have a balanced base. In Taoist lingo, Yang (power) must be delivered at the tip, but with Yin (stable base) must be had at the base. This strong base is to be expressed in two parts. Part one is what commonly called core muscles (as publicized by Pilates), the inner abdominal muscles, and part two is the feet as a balanced base. If a well-balanced strong base can be built, then one's one-sided performance can be built with no limit. One caveat and reminder: there is always a price to be paid for top athletic performance.

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