Friday, September 30, 2011

The wisdom of Diamond Sutra - chapter 22




My translation of chapter 22 of Diamond Sutra: The teaching of no Dharma

Subhuti: World Holiness, as I understand your teaching, Buddha got Bodhi Enlightenment means Buddha got nothing material or conceptual.

Buddha: It seems to be so, it seems to be so, Subhuti, when I am in the state of Bodhi Enlightenment, I find myself possessing not the tiniest bit of the Dharma, so I call my state Bodhi Enlightenment being only a label, rather than meaning having anything material or conceptual.

Paul's comment: It echoes the ending verse of the Diamond Sutra:


My translation:
All teachings of the Dharma
Should thus be viewed and experienced
As dreams and fantasy
As dews and lightning

Please refer to my post on this verse: The concluding verse of the Diamond Sutra

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