Monday, October 3, 2011

The wisdom of Diamond Sutra - chapter 24



My translation of chapter 24 of Diamond Sutra: Merit and Wisdom incomparable

Subhuti, if one uses all precious things from all physical worlds including all highest mountains and treasures as alms, and if one uses this Diamond Sutra, or its essential verses etc for recitation and teach others, the former's Merit will only be less than 1/100, or 1/billions, or smallest as mathematics can't even count.

Paul's comment: the Buddha stressed the in-comparability of physical means to help the sufferings of sentient beings and wisdom's way to help such sufferings. It is interesting to note that the Buddha didn't neglect the need of reducing people's physical sufferings (though at the same time physical suffering of a monk or Buddhist can serve as part of the Enlightenment process). The Buddha only said that the alleviation of physical sufferings is not enough, and in typical Buddha style of presentation, he stressed the importance of the ultimate wisdom enlightenment as incomparable, using the concept of mathematical infinity!

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